What’s In My Knitting Queue?

After knitting a couple of sweaters that ended up not so great, I’m wondering where my attention should be when it comes to knitting.

I wrote a couple of pages on knitting a beginner scarf. I did this mainly because I have a friend who lives in the north who wants me to teach her to knit.

garter stitch section of scarf
Garter stitch section

For myself, I have some very pretty, Soft Donegal, blue yarn my daughter bought me for my birthday and I need to use it. I’m keeping an eye out for a cardigan pattern. I love to knit pullovers, but I prefer wearing a cardigan. I don’t have a favorite pattern chosen yet.

I do have a short list of favorite cardigans to consider, which include the Traveler’s Cardigan by Ozetta, or Pocket Edition by Hinterm Stein (although it calls for DK yarn). I’m still searching.

Soft Donegal yarn in blue
Soft Donegal yarn

Bulky Wool Men’s Sweater

My youngest son lives in the north and his apartment is in a basement where it is perpetually cold. I’ve wanted to knit him a warm sweater, but I know he will not care for a wool sweater correctly. Now I am considering knitting him a hefty pullover anyway. He does not have to wash it. In fact, I will tell him not to wash it! How dirty will a sweater worn at home get anyway?

I’m knitting a bulky wool sweater made with Alafosslopi yarn and loosely following the Joker pattern.

Alafosslopi yarn skeins and cast on for the Joker sweater knit in bulky yarn.
Alafosslopi in olive green and black heather.

Trove Sweater

The Trove Sweater pattern has a unique design and I’m thinking of doing it to use up my pink stash of Jamieson and Smith as the main color. All I’ve done so far is the gauge swatch. This will be a very involved project, so I will have to be in the mood to knit it.

gauge swatch for Trove
Trove sweater gauge swatch

Colorwork Hat

Hat knitting has fallen to the wayside as I’ve had these larger sweaters to complete. But hats are perfect projects for having fun with colorwork, which I’ve missed.

One of my favorite hat patterns is the Triple-patterned Watchcap. It has a hefty brim decorated with a Latvian braid. I’m considering knitting it again (number 4) but using different colorwork graphs. The style is perfect for keeping ears warm.

Triple Patterned Watchcap hats in three colors
Knit in sizes, XL (red), L (green) and S (pink)

Found a New Designer & a New Yarn

Instagram is a great place to find knitwear designers, patterns and yarn. It is where I recently discovered Unwind Knitwear designs by Rachel Illsley (link goes to her Ravelry pattern page). She designs a lot of colorwork sweaters and one in particular has caught my eye. More on that soon, but my hope is to use some Appledore yarn for this project.

Knitting Projects in Progress

Like many knitters, I do have some unfinished projects lying around. The Easy V pullover is nearly finished (actually, now it is done), with only the remainder of the second sleeve to go. I changed the sleeve colorwork, so what is shown below is NOT part of the pattern.

Easy V pullover sleeve colorwork knitting.

The Brodgar poncho is still in the works, as is the little Sophie Scarf. These are great TV knits for the evening because they are simple knits and purls.

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