Knitting Projects On the Needles in February

It’s mid February and I’ve been good about not beginning any new knitting projects. Presently, on the needles, I have a sweater, hat, mittens and wrist warmers.

Meadow Moon

Meadow Moon is the pullover sweater that has been on the needles for months now. It’s not that I don’t like it, in fact I think it will be a favorite, but I knit it randomly. I’ve begun too many projects and let this one slide. Now I am on the end of the sleeve and finishing up the colorwork. I should be done in a day or so. I’ll have a few ends to weave in, and then the wash. I hope the cool weather is not completely gone here in Florida because I want to wear this one!

This photo is a horrible representation of the colors. The sweater is blue, not green. Once it’s finished, I will post a page review.

Meadow moon sweater nearly finished
Meadow Moon Sweater

Classic Watchcap

This little blue project is a Classic Watchcap and it is very monotonous knitting. I knew it would be, and save it for evening knitting. The light blue yarn is easy enough to see and the knit one, purl one… on and on… is great for TV watching. At this point I’ve knit for about six inches but have three more inches to go before the decreases. I want a slouchy version with the option to roll up a brim.

Ribbed Watchcap – My Ravelry page. Yarn is Camp Colors, CC fingering which is Superwash merino.

Light blue classic beanie knitting

Thrummed Mittens

The Thrummed mittens are a new challenge. I got this far and then stalled. Maybe it’s because I rarely wear mittens in Florida and certainly would never need something so wonderfully warm.

Yarn is Alafosslopi in Ecru Heather, with Merino Top from Paradise Fibers.

Wording on my thrummed mittens

Fair Isle Wrist Warmers (mine)

These Fair Isle wrist warmers were fun to make. I began with a free pattern, but quickly went off-pattern to create my own mess…! Each warmer has it’s own colorwork patterns, so they don’t match. Why would they need to? I also messed up some of the patterning because I forgot how many stitches were on the needles! Oh well.

What I like is that I have this pair to learn from for the next time. My goal is to create my own pattern next time. I may even knit them to match.

Weaving in ends on Fair Isle wrist warmers

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