Boot Cuffs Knit in Myak Yarn

boot cuffs knit in Myak yarn color Moss

Mat my daughter’s request, I have begun to knit boot cuffs. Last year I knit some cabled cuffs in brown yarn, but she says they are too loose.

Now I have knit a new pair of cuffs which does not have a pattern, but I will write on this post how I made them.

boot cuffs knit in Myak yarn color Moss
Boot cuffs done- unwashed! Yup, that’s a big seashell.

Quick Boot Cuffs Pattern

I don’t have a gauge to report, and since I was trying to make these fit my daughter’s small legs, it was trial and error. After my third try, this size seems to be okay. I won’t know for sure until she receives them and tries them on with her jeans and boots.

This is how I knit the boot cuffs pictured on this page, which are small – like teen girl size. It will depend on the type of yarn used also – is it stretchy? Are you a tight knitter like I am? To make them bigger, cast on more stitches by 2’s. In other words, it’s a bit of trial and error.

  • Using a size 6 US circular (9-inch) needle, cast on 34 stitches and join in the round. (DPN’s work too)
  • Do a 1×1 rib (knit one, purl one) for approximately four inches – or to desired length
  • When the vertical ribbing is done, knit one row around.
  • Next, Purl 2 rows, Knit 2 rows 4 times, or more if the top needs to be longer.
  • Bind off loosely

The loose bind off I used was a combination of the stretchy bind-off shown on Andrea Mowry’s video and a regular bind-off. I do one stretchy, with the extra yarn over, then a regular bind off – around.

The Yarn

The yarn used is Myak and I have to say it is the most beautiful yarn I think I’ve ever used. First of all, I LOVE that color, which is “Moss”. I really hated to use it for something like boot cuffs, but my daughter will take good care of them and not much yarn was used. I could actually make her a hat or scarf to match.

Here is what I’ve read about Myak yarn:

  • It is naturally sourced from Tibetan yaks
  • The fiber is hand-combed from the soft undercoats with no harm to the animal” – taken from the tag on this yarn skein.
  • The skein I used here is 100% from baby yaks
  • 125 yards in this skein

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