Buying Buttons For Hand Knits

buttons for kids

Anyone who crafts may eventually need to buy buttons. I’ve been knitting for a couple of years now and recently knit a little baby cardigan that needed buttons.

I don’t know of any local craft stores or specialty shops that sell buttons near where I live, so I began searching online. Etsy is the first place I looked. I searched for wooden buttons and kids buttons.

Wooden Button Sellers

These pretty wooden buttons came from Richland Street Yarns, and I have since found other places at Etsy that sell pretty wooden buttons. You can go to Etsy and search, of follow my links below. These are large, smooth and beautiful.

wooden buttons
Wooden buttons by Richland Street Yarns @ Etsy

Etsy Shops That Sell Buttons

Buttons From Australia

Whenever I purchase something that comes to me from the other side of the world, it makes me feel good. I love to see foreign postage and open a package that was filled with goodies from far away. This button collection came from an Etsy shop located in Australia (see link above). I had to wait a while for them to arrive – which is understandable… from Australia to Florida is quite a trip. The creator contacted me when they were mailed to let me know they were on their way, but it would take a while. I appreciated that.

I’ve never had a bad experience buying from an Etsy shop owner.

Collection of buttons for kids with images of farm animals, Australian animals, wild animals, tractors and nautical designs.
Button collection with animals, tractors, and nautical designs

Online images are often different from actual products, and it’s funny but the buttons I thought I would like least are one of my favorites. I almost did not order the nautical set, but I am very glad I did.

I’ve already used the set of red fox buttons… see image below. The set of wild animal buttons, with a fox, hedgehog, rabbit, raccoon, owl and bird, are probably my favorite. They will look cute on some child’s sweater – which I will make one day.

animal buttons
Set of fun animal buttons from Ginger Mint Collection

Things to Consider When Buying Buttons

I’m new to creating buttonholes while knitting, and then having to sew buttons on through a knitted garment. It’s very different from working with fabric. I left a long tail when I began sewing the button using yarn, and then tied the end tail to that to make a knot when finished.

Come to find out, I was partially correct in tying the knot. The Tricksy Knitter has a post: “Sewing Buttons on to your Knitting” which has good advice.

This blog writer uses back-to-back buttons to give support to her buttons so they are less wobbly. This would work best on a heavier type of knitting I think.

Button size is the first consideration once the right type of button is located. To get a reference for the sizes I ordered, I pushed coins through the holes and measured them.

With all the button choices out there, shop around for savings and look for good quality buttons. Fancy buttons can add interest to a more simple knitted pattern. Rustic wooden buttons, or antler buttons can dress up a casual sweater. Fun and colorful buttons can make children happy.

Throwing away a shirt or sweater? Cut off the buttons first to save for future use! I could kick myself for all the times I have forgotten to do this.

I will admit it was not fun sewing on these buttons. A small eyed needle is needed but getting the yarn through the eye… grrrrrr. I think it turned out looking fine.

Notice the button-seller gave me opposite facing foxes… which was nice of her!

Fox buttons on baby sweater
Fox buttons on the Playdate cardigan

The Playdate sweater, with fox buttons, could be worn by a boy or girl although it looks more girlish to me. I am making another sweater, the Polliwog Popover, which is for a little boy – and there are no buttons to deal with.

For more on buttons, see what Tin Can Knits has to say about shopping for the perfect buttons. The writer takes her finished knitwear to a local button shop… lucky! … and then picks out her buttons.

How do you shop for buttons? Any tips to share?

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