Christmas Gift to Me, Milarrochy Heids Hat Pattern Book

striped hat knitting

Just before Christmas I stumbled across the Milarrochy Heids hat pattern book by Kate Davies Designs. I honestly cannot remember how I came across this book, which comes from Scotland (awesome). I think I saw one of the hats, which grabbed my attention. It was the Tarradale, which is a slouchy, reversible hat with a big star motif. I fell in love with this hat! And as I saw more hats featured in this book, I knew I had to have it.

Unfortunately for me, the Tarradale hat is done in something called “double-knitting” and turns out to be a pattern that is currently too difficult for me to attempt (something to look forward to). But the book contains patterns which are doable for many skill levels, although reading a chart is necessary.

Let’s Stripe and Tettegouche

If you buy the Milarrochy Heids book, be sure to read the introduction pages. A number of designers contributed to this book, and the finished products are very unique. FYI: You will have to know how to read a chart.

Of course I wanted to jump right in and find a pattern, but the first couple of pages are insightful. And nature photography exists alongside gorgeous pictures of all the hats. It’s a very lovely book, with a total of 100 pages.

In that beginning section Kate Davies suggests a few patterns suitable for the novice knitter. Let’s Stripe was one, and I chose to make it first, but I chose my own colors and didn’t follow the color chart. I also made it a bit taller.

My version of “Let’s Stripe” hat pattern

Because my yarn order of the Milarrochy Tweed yarn had not arrived, I began the striped hat using yarn from my stash. Mostly I used Madeline Tosh sock yarn and other fingering weights. This is a great pattern for using up leftover bits of yarn, but be warned… there are a million tails to weave in when you finish! I carried some colors to reduce the cutting of colors, but still…..

Weaving in the tails on Let's Stripe
There are a lot of tails to weave in on the Let’s Stripe hat

Once the Milarrochy tweed yarn arrived – all the way from Scotland!…., I cast on the Tettegouche. This one involves color work, which I don’t have a ton of experience with. It will take me a while to finish, but it’s fun to work on and the hat is so pretty. I will post a picture when it’s finished. Below is a photo of the cute little balls of tweed yarn.

Milarrochy Tweed colors

All the hats in this book are knit with small needle sizes, such as 2, 3, and 4. One takes a size 5, and your gauge may be different, but you won’t be able to go down much.

I hope to eventually make every hat in the book. For now, some other favorite patterns of mine are Roamin’, Breiwick (hat on cover), and Every Flavour.

Milarrochy Heids hat pattern book
Milarrochy Heids hat pattern book with my beginning of the Tettegouche hat showing

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