Love New Hampshire For All These Reasons

apple, macintosh, fruit

After waiting a year, I am finally back home visiting all my favorite places in New Hampshire. I’ve run into old acquaintances and taken photos at my old favorite spots.

Tenney Farms produce

My Visit to Tenney Farm

I love New Hampshire for many reasons, and one is the farm stands. This late in the season (mid-October) Tenney Farms in Antrim is open fewer hours. The products are Autumn related, like pumpkins, Hubbard squash, and apple cider. Of course they have bags of apples from local orchards and I had to get some Macs.

apple, macintosh, fruit

New England Mac – delicious

The apples were quite big and extremely yummy. Macs have always been my favorite apple to pick in Fall. They are crisp and juicy when they are fresh. Usually they are not this big! If I lived here I would make a pie, but this time it will be applesauce for my daughter. I don’t have a kitchen in my rental, so have to use hers and she wants applesauce.

The wonderful cool air and pretty foliage is another thing to love about New Hampshire. Every drive is a scenic one, even if they are working on roads to get ready for winter.

foliage view from my window


Winding back roads with little traffic is also something I’ve missed. And the gorgeous homes people build up here are simply stunning in their size and landscaping.

The foliage is a bit gone by but still enjoyable. I couldn’t book my rental for the previous week, so I came a week later than I’d expected. As I walked around Gregg Lake in Antrim, I got some leaf photos and learned that the wind turbines would be coming soon! I’m wondering how the locals feel about that. (I’ll be writing more about this topic.)

And as I surveyed my surroundings at the rental I discovered a Magnolia tree and Pinky Winky hydrangea! I had one in my yard when I lived here and it was a favorite. The flowers begin white but by late fall the flowers are dark pink.

Pinky Winky hydrangea flowers

Pinky Winky hydrangea flowers

Health and well-being is on the minds of New Hampshire residents and it shows in the markets, restaurants, and health food stores. Local eateries (The Bantam Grill) use meat and produce from local farms. Organic food is easy to find, although it is not cheap.

Everyone is on the move, from joggers and hikers to neighborhood walkers. The air is cool and when the sun shines, people want to get outdoors. They know that winter is coming. But even in winter, skiing and snowboarding are popular sports. My daughter and her boyfriend just bought 4-wheelers to take advantage of the many woodland and mountain trails in the area.

The small town feel of the area is the last thing I will mention. Quaint and peaceful is the norm here. What could be better?  I will be sorry to leave, but will return!

fall foliage lake bridge

Fall at the lake


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