Apple Picking in New Hampshire 2015

girl eating apple in orchard

Apple Picking 2015

It’s that time again, when I head out to the local apple orchard and pick some delicious Macs. Macintosh are my favorite apple, and when they are fresh picked right off the tree they are hard, crisp and juicy.

Norway Hill Orchard is the closest to where I live, so I always go there. This year we discovered that they had trouble getting someone to spray the trees, so the apples were not looking the best. Many of them have black spots, but we were assured that they were just as good eating. And it’s true. The apples are as delicious as ever.

The day was warm for early October, and the sun was shining which made our trip even more fun. My neighbor, my daughter and I each filled the smallest bags they sell, and even enjoyed munching on the fruit while we picked. Eating them is encouraged!

The black spots are surface only blemishes, and I made a lovely apple pie with mine. It’s almost time to go back for more. A new crop of a different variety is coming into season, but I can’t remember what they are. It doesn’t matter. Anything picked off the tree has to be good.

macintosh apples

Macintosh Apples

I found this great site that lists the orchards from around the United States (and other places) and what types of apples they grow. If you are interested check it out at the Orange Pippin link.

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