Pictures of Fall in New England 2015

I’ve been out recently taking pictures of our fall season here in New England.  It’s 2015 and it could be my last fall season living in the north, so I’ve made an extra effort to get tons of photos.

First I went down to Gregg Lake in Antrim, which is my favorite place for photography, no matter what time of year.  I’ve seen better color, but it wasn’t too bad.  With the beautiful lake as a backdrop, it’s easy to get beautiful scenic photos. I’ll be sharing them soon.

Taking the pictures is easy.  Then they must be uploaded and gone through.  I had to weed out a few, but I always take extras so I can choose the best ones to keep and sell. Then they must be sized correctly and uploaded to Zazzle. From there I can make products. I’ll be creating posters and postage stamps as well as cards.

This morning I made postcards for my Zazzle store, and I’ll share some of those images here. To purchase my postcards, please click this link which will take you to a collection of fall items. They won’t have text on the front!

All these photos are my own and they were taken in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire.  I have many more which I’ll be sharing on future posts.

2015 Dark red leaves
Next weekend (October 17th) is the Peak into Peterborough yearly event. The image below was taken from Depot Square which is the heart of downtown Peterborough. With many shops that sell local goods, and restaurants that serve locally grown food, it’s a popular tourist destination.
2015 Church in Fall
I hate to have to put text over my images, but unscrupulous bloggers like to help themselves to images as if they are free to use! No, they are not. Find your own images for blogging at free, public domain sites, like Pixabay.
2015 big orange tree

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