Repurposing My Little Heart Bookcase

I’ve had this unpainted bookcase for years. The carved hearts in the sides give it a unique look. Recently it was used in my kitchen as a place to put the phone and store cookbooks.

unpainted furniture

Bookcase Before Paint

When I had my bathroom walls re-done I couldn’t afford to buy a new vanity. The bathroom is so small, that a large vanity wouldn’t work, but I wanted storage space.

I decided that the heart bookshelf was the right size for the job, but it would have to be painted white to look nice in the bathroom. Since my daughter and I had been painting walls this spring, I had some leftover paint and I put a couple coats on the bookcase.

bookshelf bookcase painted white

Bookcase Painted White

I began painting outside on my deck, but the bugs kept getting into the paint so I moved indoors to finish the job. Luckily I have a big, open kitchen where I could let the shelves dry between coats of paint.

Now this pretty little white shelf is part of my new bathroom, and it’s the perfect place to store towels and act as a little counter next to the sink.

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