Two Barred Owls That “Talk” All Night Long

For the past week or so we’ve had owls hanging out in the vicinity of my house. We were watching TV one night and my son muted it and said, “what’s that noise?”
It was a long hissing, screech sound which I can’t explain, but when we looked outside we saw a big bird swoop through the trees. It was almost 9:00 PM and it had to be an owl. Not only one- but I think there were three. A few nights later, after putting up with their constant screeching back and forth to each other – all night long – I saw one sitting in the dead tree outback.

We went out on the deck and it just stared at us. After a moment another one swooped up from the woods and the two of them watched us intently until the flash from my camera scared them off. The photo isn’t too good, but here they are. It’s been quiet lately so maybe they have moved on. I hope so.  I loved seeing them, but enough with the noise already!

I had to look them up, but I think they are Barred Owls which are common around here.

Two Barred owls in a dead tree

Holy Cow – Shut Up!

One thought on “Two Barred Owls That “Talk” All Night Long

  1. swisstoons

    When your flash went off, and they skedaddled, I bet they were asking each other, “Whooo-ut the heck wuzzat?” Actually, this is a great photo in its own spooky way. It might make an interesting Halloween party invite: “We’re having a Halloween party! (and inside:)
    …and guess whooo’s invited!”


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