Family Friendly Day Trip to Ruggles Mine in New Hampshire

If you are one of the many people who are looking for New England day trips for the family, you might consider Ruggles Mine.

I’ve been there twice. The first time was on a field trip with my son’s school class and we went back again the following summer with the family.

Located in Grafton, NH, this unusual tourist attraction is fun for anyone who loves being outdoors with the added plus of collecting rocks and minerals. It is a wonderful place for kids to explore.

Ruggles Mine opens in May and is in the central western area of the state on top of Isinglass Mountain, but it’s not a terribly steep drive. I love the history of the mine which was kept a secret for years by Mr. Ruggles who discovered a wealth of mica on his property. Today you will still find load of mica there and can take it home with you!

Ruggles Mine tourist attraction
Inside Ruggles Mine

Read more about Ruggles Mine and Our Day Trip to Visit

3 thoughts on “Family Friendly Day Trip to Ruggles Mine in New Hampshire

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