Wine and Cheese – Pansy Colors

red and yellow pansies

Wine and Cheese Pansies

I am not a huge fan of pansies, but this color combination was so pretty that I bought a six-pack. Christa at Tenney Farm told me it was a color combination called “wine and cheese” and the name is perfect!

With the dark purple and burgundy “wine” colors and the light yellow for the “cheese” this 6-pack is quite pretty.

Pansies come in small containers and are a pain to plant and they only like the cool weather so don’t look good into Summer. I just find them a waste of time usually, but they are pretty if planted correctly.

I also bought some very small Pansies / violets and planted them by the side of the driveway. I have a very rocky area there and can’t dig down too deep so it’s the perfect place to put something small like that.

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