Growing Hyacinths

Hyacinth flowers

Pink, purple and white hyacinths in the garden.

This is the first time that I’ve grown hyacinths in my yard.

Last fall I bought a bunch of bulbs to add to my new yard and planted tulips, a few daffodils and six hyacinth bulbs.

I put everything out front except the hyacinths and they have their own little garden area near the back deck. The package of bulbs said they were a “mix” of colors and then showed blue, pink, red, yellow, orange, purple and white flowers on the packaging, but as you can see I did not get any but pink, white and purple.

Still, they are pretty and a couple of the plants made two flower stems so I cut off one of the flowers to bring the fragrance inside.

I may get more to plant next Fall and add them out front.

5 thoughts on “Growing Hyacinths

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  2. biscuitsandbobbins

    Beautfiul! I planted them once ( here in Atlanta) and like all bulbs, the moles voles and/or chipmunks like the taste of them… I tried wrapping some in permatill (stlate chips) and the ones that made it, needed staking. Do yours need staking?


  3. Amanda's Zone 5A Garden

    And, hyacinths are so striking on their own that you are right to put them in “their own little garden”. My “mixed” bags have yielded similar colors: purples, pinks, whites. I’ve only ever had one yellow,which (of course) the dog seems to step on every year.


    1. Dustytoes

      Hi Amanda,
      I love hyacinths and I might try putting them in a pot to grow on the table next year. I suppose there is a trick to doing that.
      Thank you for dropping by.


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