Happy New Year, We Are Snowless

cat in snow

On January first the temp reached into the mid-forties the sunshine drew me outside to pick up fallen branches that were scattered over the front yard. There is no snow here in southern New Hampshire.

I think that is a first for me since I moved back to the northeast. We have had a white Christmas for the past 6 years and don’t see the ground until Spring. This year was different. We had 23 inches of snow in October and have had very little since.


Pictures of Past Snowfalls

high snow
Basement slider- I won’t be using this door any time soon
Black lab in deep snow
My neighbor’s black lab walking in deep snow

The photo here is one I took last year on January 12th during a snowstorm that dumped a bunch of snow on top of the bunch of snow we already had.

This was the year when my landlady had decided she didn’t need the driveway plowed by the guy she had been using. Because she was waiting for the new, busy plow guy, our driveway was way down his list and we had to wait! I didn’t have to get out in my car, but I didn’t like the idea that we were snowed in. Good thing I work from home!

One thought on “Happy New Year, We Are Snowless

  1. Les

    Don’t you hate global warming! Down here in Maineville Ohio we’re supposed to reach into the 50’s tomorrow. And the dusting of snow we did have last Saturday morning brought the highways to a stand still with multi-car pileups. At least it’s nice weather to bird, however with the warmer temps are keeping the lakes from freezing over in the northern states. By now we should have some great ducks to look at.


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