White Flowers of the Bleeding Heart

white bleeding heart flowers

White Flowers of the Bleeding Heart

In all the time I lived in the northeastern U.S. as a kid, I don’t remember ever seeing a Bleeding Heart plant. I never saw them in Florida either – they probably can’t handle that heat.

They amaze me with their hanging stems that are full of heart-shaped flowers in either pink or white. The plant itself seems very delicate and the stems break easily, but it is a perennial and survives the long, cold winters to come back in Spring with it’s light green growth.

I planted a white Bleeding Heart next to the rental I lived in for three years and that is when I took the photo above. Unfortunately that plant only lived one year. The cat kept digging in that area and I think she killed it.

What I love about this shrub is that it will grow well in the shade, so I plan to add some pretty Bleeding hearts to my new yard which has a lot of shade out front.

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