I May Be Moving To A HOME!

New House

My New House

I hate to get my hopes up, but I’ve found a home that I would like to buy. I’ve been busy getting the paperwork -mounds of paperwork- ready and mailed, delivered, etc. I’ve had an inspection and realize that fixing up is just part of owning a home. This one is pretty nice inside and quite “liveable”, but the outside has been neglected and needs work and even some excavating done.

I visited my favorite wood stove shop to see about getting a new wood burning stove inset for my fireplace and now must sell my old stove, or put it up for consignment. I am just waiting to make sure the whole house thing goes through.

The photo is of my son upstairs in his “bedroom to be” and he is excited too.

I also had to have my appendix out last week and now I can’t lift anything over 20 pounds for a month! Guess the packing will have to wait until the last minute. I do better at the last minute anyway!

Meanwhile, I sit here wasting another Spring and Summer season, but staying inside gives me the opportunity to work and build up my savings account for all the home renovations to come. Fingers crossed.

5 thoughts on “I May Be Moving To A HOME!

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  2. Kathryn

    Wow. How exciting. 🙂 I hope this comes thru for you.

    Our home is older (built in 77) and has a lot of things we’d like to upgrade, but it is very livable like it is, so they can wait. We have not found home-ownership (this is our first home) to be harder than renting (no landlord to call to fix things), tho i’d heard horror stories of such. Of course, if the hot water heater goes out or something, it may be a job! I’m almost sorry our roof is nearly new. I’d sure like to insulate and in our house that could only be from the outside, under the roof. I’m rather disappointed in our stove insert, however. It has not provided nearly as much heat as i expected. I tried to convince my hubby to change it to free-standing, but he doesn’t want to.

    Good luck with this! I hope you are healing well and can get some assistance with your move.


    1. Dustytoes

      Thank you Kathryn! I’ll have to get with you on the stove insert. I’m thinking of adding one to my new fireplace – a closed in wood stove type thing. I’ve only heard good things about them. The down side is that I can’t use the stove top for heating water, food, etc. in case of a power failure.
      Having your own home is the best. I’m tired of having to live with things the way they are, no matter how much they annoy me!


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