The Fall Window Box

pumpkin window box

Fall Window Box

We’ve had such a very warm September in New Hampshire, that I was wondering if Fall would ever arrive, but it did and with it came loads of rain and some wind. Not what we like to see as the leaves change color, but there is some good color left. It’s been nasty and rainy on the days I’ve had a chance to walk – so I haven’t and therefore have no new photos yet.
Today there is no school, and after my Friday trip to the dump and swap shop, I will walk to the lake and get some photos, providing the sun stays out for me.
As I drove my son home from cross-country practice yesterday afternoon the sun was just coming out and it hit the trees along the lake in just the right way to make them glow with their Autumn leaves. Maybe I’ll wait till later and try to get some photos at that later time of day.
In the mean time, the petunias in the window boxes have been replaced with pumpkins and straw thanks to my landlady.
Another beauty from last years season:
Autumn Lake 7 postcard
Autumn Lake 7 by pamdicar
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One thought on “The Fall Window Box

  1. Swisstoons

    Both of the photos accompanying this blog post are treats for eye. Impossible not to love those brilliant colors! Hope you get some more Fall pics before Winter hits.


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