Purple Columbine Flowers

Purple Columbine Flower

Purple Columbine Flower

The Columbine plant is available in so many lovely colors. I have a red and yellow one and a few “blue” (which are more a dark purple) and light pink.

This Spring I saw some at the Agway that had feathery looking flowers and I almost bought one just because of the uniqueness, but didn’t.

They are easy to grow and the seeds are fun to collect – there will be loads of them! – to plant for next year.

dried seed pods

Tiny Seeds Are Inside These Pods

Find a small jar and collect the round, black seeds in late fall when they are completely dried out or just let them self sow in the garden. Be sure they don’t get pulled up as weeds next year. The leaves will be rounded.

3 thoughts on “Purple Columbine Flowers

  1. Donna

    I just popped over to your site from Kathryn’s. I enjoyed a trip to southwestern NH over the holiday weekend and made a quick day visit to the ocean… Hampton Beach….NH is one of my favorite NE states…love love love it and expect to be spending some wonderful weekends there in the next few months. Your purple columbine is a beauty…glad to meet you…will be back…



  2. Kathryn

    That is just lovely. As i said before, this is my mother’s favorite flower. I’ve come to really appreciate it over time. (I think i still like daisies best.)

    Does it need a lot of water? Our climate here is very, very dry. We have essentially no rainfall from April thru November. Anything we want to cultivate always seems to need a lot of water.


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