Hanging a Pi-TOON-Ya

Petunia Hanging Basket

When The Three Stooges would say it, petunia became a word to spit out. My sister and I love TTS so we say it like them.
I opted for a dark pink petunia in a hanging basket this year.

I had visited one of the local plant stands hoping to find a fuchsia (I can never spell it correctly) to hang under one of the trees in the yard, but they didn’t have any, so I chose this pi-toon-ya.

It is sometimes hard to decide which basket to choose if there are too many available, which happens in early Spring.
Consider the color of the house and surrounding shrubs etc., and choose one that will stand out – or just pick out the one you like best regardless. After all, you are the one who will view it most often. And of course there is no law against buying more than one!

They need lots of water too. Stuffed into plastic pots, the soil will dry out fast and even faster in the sun and wind. Mine gets about a gallon of water a day!

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2 thoughts on “Hanging a Pi-TOON-Ya

  1. LaurenVMontes

    Im reading specifically about the Fuschia. Did u say there r hundreds!? Ive gotten my hands on as many different types I could find. I sell plants as a stay at home mother of twins. I have a green thumb. Before my kids I built my own green house when I was 28, Im 35 now. My fascination here is this dam picture! Its beautiful I have to have some and I want even more to sell this UNIQUE BRAUTY. I ALSO BLOG ON WORD PRESS. A bit of a scatterbrain on random subjects. Id love to keep reading your blog about plants and hear your grand excitement for this passion of plants we share. Is their anything more you can share about this particular fuschia… Im now again in search of collecting every fuschia type available.
    Lauren Vincent Montes from Huntington Park California

    I love color


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