Old Cellar Hole?

A couple weeks ago I was walking my neighbor’s dog and happened to glance into the woods and saw what looked like a hole. I went in to investigate and found stone walls in the ground. It looks to me like an old cellar hole.

walls of stone

What is This?

I have no idea what this is, but looks like maybe a structure of some kind was once here and this is what’s left of the basement. Of course the locals would most likely be able to tell me about the place, but I don’t know too many people here so I’ll just guess for now.
I went back with my camera and got a few photos of the area. I noticed all these smaller rocks together in one area down the road from the cellar hole.
pile of rocks

Strange pile of rocks

New Hampshire is known as the “Granite State” and there is no shortage of rocks here, but all these smaller ones together in a pile is odd.

Rusted Thing

I found this rusted thing … yes, that is my scientific name for it… in the cellar hole.
leaning trees

Forever Leaning Thanks to the Ice Storm

As I walked home on the 4-wheeler path, I took some pictures of the trees that still show signs of damage from our December 2008 ice storm.
These small trees faired pretty well considering the huge ones that toppled over or broke from the weight of the ice. It’s really amazing how powerful some freezing rain can be.

5 thoughts on “Old Cellar Hole?

  1. Kathryn

    Your pics remind me of exploring around my Aunt’s place when i was a child. Their property had an old cellar & also a “dump site” from the late 1800s on it. Lots of fascinating things, & beautiful woods too.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful pics. 🙂


  2. Mattenylou

    How neat to find this old cellar hole! We’ve found several while exploring the woods near our cabin near Quabbin. If you check on wardmaps.com, you may be able to find an old map of the area… we even found the names of the families that lived and worked in the nearby sawmill. We later poked around some more and found the ruins of the sawmill along the brook, too. Have fun!


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