The Bass Farm

Another “small world” story:

My oldest son married a girl from New Hampshire. He met her in Florida where they both lived and worked. I was living in Florida too, with my husband and kids.

After they married they bought a house in Kentucky where her parents lived.

A few years later we (my husband and kids) moved to New Hampshire.

The following summer, her (my daughter-in-law’s) parents came to visit us in our new place because they went to New Hampshire every summer to help a man put on a big yearly party – at the Bass Farm.

The house we bought was less than a half mile from the Bass Farm!

I find this to be bizarre.

big house

The Bass Farm

The man who owned this huge place passed away last year (I think) and all I knew about him was that he had a huge clock collection.
I also heard that he was difficult to get along with and very rich.

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