Snowfall in New Hampshire

Wednesday the northeast has some nasty weather. Many places saw a little snow and then it turned to rain, but where I live in the hills north of Mt. Monadnock, we had all snow. About a foot and a half of it!

snow storm tahoe

Heavy wet snow

It was the nasty, heavy wet stuff that was a pain to shovel and weighed down the hemlock trees.

Roxy in the snow

My neighbor's black lab loved it!

The dog had a blast chasing my snowballs. By the end of the day the snow depth was over my knees in the yard.

ruler in the snow

An early measurement

This is an early measurement. We got about 4 inches more after this…

high snow

Basement slider- I won't be using this door any time soon

The metal roof on this house emptied the snow off like it’s suppose to, but that meant lots more shoveling.

snow on deck

Snowfall from the roof!!

It is Thursday- the day after-  as I post this and we are getting lots of rain on top of all this snow and flood watches are in effect. My friends in Florida sent me photos on Facebook of their trip to St. Lucia. It looked pretty nice.

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