Downtown Antrim Fire

I woke up and put the tv on this morning to hear “fire in Antrim”.

I live in a very small town and one of the larger buildings along Main Street was destroyed by fire overnight. The broadcast was coming live from Main Street and when I first saw the building I thought it was the Inn.

The building that burned is the yellow one on the left in my photo (taken in May 2009) below. Story Here.

Main Street Antrim, NH

Main Street, Antrim, NH

This view is pretty much all of our Main Street and now one of the larger buildings is gone. I am heading down to the little store this afternoon and will see about getting some photos.

The building housed a hair salon, bakery and an apartment I think.

burned building in Antrim, NH

Burned building, downtown Antrim, NH 2010

The picture below is from Wikipedia and is a c.1915 postcard.
I am not sure if the building on the left is the same one…?

Antrim Main Street, c. 1915

5 thoughts on “Downtown Antrim Fire

  1. Robert Varnum

    Edmunds Hardware 3rd floor burned back in 1986 I believe, I was in Elementary school in Antrim when the fire broke out! It started behind the town hall at the old firehouse it spread down Main St. to the Edmunds Hardware Store. The yellow building was not affected. Edmunds rebuilt the 2nd floor after the fire. It was sad to see hear about the fire and hopefully they will rebuild!


  2. Gary Kimm

    At first I thought it was The Maplehurst Inn too. I’m wondering if the building that burned was the Edmunds Hardware Store of 1960 – 1970 & Oddfellows Meeting Hall Upstairs. I lived in Antrim, NH from 1966 – 1974. Many good memories.


    1. seashellsbymillhill

      I’ve only been in Antrim since 2005 so I don’t know about the old buildings, but a recent write up in the “Limerick” said it was 46 Main St. also known as Union Hall. The old photo shows the “Antrim Reporter Office” on the left and “Balch Shoes” has a sign in the center. Thanks for reading.


    2. Karen

      HI, I am doing an article on the Maplehurst Inn’s history of some resident ghost they have there. I am interviewing local residents and also doing some paranormal investigation myself. I own The Mirror Magazine and have a section that features spirituality.
      Did you recall any information on the gentleman that hung himself at the Inn. I have a few other questions if you would like to get a hold of me, drop me an email at
      Thank you Karen


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