Moose Tracks in the Mud

While walking around the lake in search of good foliage shots, I decided to go out the trail in search of red capped mushrooms. I had seen them some place while walking (without my camera) and thought for sure it was out this way.

Trail & Trail Marker

Trail & Trail Marker

The trail is cleared for snowmobiles in the winter and that is how I found it last year. The snow was all packed down by the snowmobiles so it was easy to follow. But it’s a nice walk in other seasons too except that it can be swampy in places.

Moose Track (on right)

Moose Track (on right)

When I came back to the road, I was still looking – unsuccessfully – for the red mushrooms and happened to see a large imprint in the mud. People throw their trash all over (don’t understand that) and there was an old oil – or something- container next to the track. It might help to show how big it was.

Moose Print Close-up

Moose Print Close-up

As I looked further, I could see at least 2 more prints and they were widely spaced.

Three tracks - Long stride!

Three tracks - Long stride!

I don’t know what else could have made this huge track so I am assuming it was a moose. And as I was leaving the area I could hear something make a splash over in the water – out of my view. I ran to the bridge in hopes of seeing my first moose…but no such luck. Tracks are all I get – today.

Again I thought, as I so often do while walking…WHY ARE PEOPLE SUCH PIGS? – throw your trash away at home!

4 thoughts on “Moose Tracks in the Mud

  1. MountainWoman

    I loved the moose tracks. We have one wandering around one of our lower fields on the edge of the woods but the one time I saw him, I didn’t have my camera.

    I don’t understand dumping garbage at all. I find it all the time in our woods and it makes me crazed. There’s no excuse.


  2. Thomas

    I know! Nothing bothers me more than seeing a natural space defaced by garbage left behind by careless, mindless people! It makes me so angry!


  3. killlashandra

    Well, I can’t help you with the trash issue. We went riding the other day and the ditch water was full of junk and was just plain gross. *sigh*

    Cool tracks though. đŸ™‚


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