Dimond Hill Farm

On the outskirts of Concord, NH is a big yellow farm that sits on top of a hill – Dimond Hill, named after the original owner, Ezekiel Dimond.  He sold the land to Joseph Abbott in 1827, but the farm retains the original owners name.    The farm has been in the Abbott family for 6 generations and you can read about it here.

I lived near there last year and it’s where I bought a lot of my fresh veggies and even bought a frozen peach pie. They sell what most farms sell – local homemade goodies & in-season vegetables, and also buckets of ice cream, but what I loved most was the view! So one day I brought my camera along and took this photo.
New Address Country Scenery Postcard postcard
I tend to think that these northerners take for granted this beauty since most of them have always lived here, but it might not be true.

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