Meet My Friend Swisstoons

I would like you to meet Tom, my friend “Swisstoons”. Long ago, in 2007, I began working at I think I worked for two or three months and then got a paycheck for around $25 but I liked the idea of adding my photos and artwork to products and selling them in my own […]

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family of geese

When Sales Slow, Creative Juices Flow

August was a lousy month for sales. Summertime usually tends to be slower than normal at my Zazzle online stores, but this past month sales decreased quite a bit. Just as I attained “Silver Pro”, and my paychecks were almost large enough to pay my winter oil bill (ha!), then the bottom fell out. According […]

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Clip Art Controversy

I will admit that I was unfamiliar with clip art when I began my online work. I didn’t even realize that much of what I saw store owners selling was not their own work, but something they used from the general marketplace. Pictures that could be used by anyone to make anything. I still don’t […]

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