snowstorm mailbox

Icy Snow Covering Everything Today

Snow covering the icy ground this morning.  Just another day during a New England winter. Winter can be beautiful, and I love seeing the snow.  Life in the north can be tough, and especially so for an older woman without a man to help out.  I’m capable of shoveling the deck and entryways.  I lug […]

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deep snow

The Winter From a Frozen Hell

I’ve lived in New Hampshire since 2005. Not very long compared to many residents, but no winter has bothered me like this one. Maybe I’ve just forgotten the problems that winter brings to a run down house that still needs a lot of fixing, but this year has given me nightmares. I don’t think I […]

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January Snow

The winter has not been a good one. Last year (2013-14) there was a lot of snow and truthfully I handled it much better than all the sleet and freezing rain this year. Up until today there has been only a crusty frozen few inches covering the ground. The driveway is a mass of icy […]

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winter sunrise

Adjusting to The Time Change

Time ticks away and we never seem to get ahead, until Fall, when we gain an hour. Then part of that extra hour is wasted changing the time on all our clocks. Although the time change has screwed up my sleep even more than it was, I have felt like I had extra time over […]

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cat covered in snow

The Freeze is Coming

I hear that the freeze is coming and it is bringing us some winter white. So far we have gotten off easy up here in New Hampshire. Today (December 6th) it is a balmy 42 and rainy as I type this. But tonight the freezing cold that has caused havoc all over the country is […]

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