spring in new hampshire

What Springtime Meant and Means to Me

Springtime in Florida is barely noticed. Possibly it means the return of heat more than anything. Spring breakers and bikers (Bike Week) have gone, and so have the Easter visitors, but I’m sure there are some tourists somewhere, or should I say….everywhere. Springtime in New Hampshire was impossible NOT to notice.   Everything became suddenly […]

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A Spring Tradition Begun Again: Fuchsia Hanging Planter

Fuchsia is a word I always spell incorrectly, but I love fuchsia flowers. And I love the fact that they enjoy being grown under a tree, since I have a bunch of those. When I first moved to a little town in New Hampshire, I discovered these pretty hanging planters and bought myself one that […]

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Pretty Tulip Pictures

Just wanted to share some of my tulip photos. Here I have red, purple and pretty yellow flowers. The yellow one has frilly edges. I planted these bulbs last Fall and most came up nicely in very pretty colors. Some have gone by already and others are still budding. They are welcome color in my […]

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Wine and Cheese – Pansy Colors

I am not a huge fan of pansies, but this color combination was so pretty that I bought a six-pack. Christa at Tenney Farm told me it was a color combination called “wine and cheese” and the name is perfect! With the dark purple and burgundy “wine” colors and the light yellow for the “cheese” […]

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black fly bite

It’s May – Here’s My Annual Bug Bite Photo!

Two days ago I took this photo of my recent encounter with the New England black fly. It visits us each Spring and I soooooo look forward to becoming deformed by it’s bite. Apparently only a lucky few of us are affected with swelling from the bites and I am lucky enough to be one […]

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