Old siding on yellow house

Beginning My House Renovations, Part Two

Shortly after I moved into the yellow house (June 2011) I began searching for someone to fix it for me. I was new to the area, and new to the state (see my first post on this subject if you haven’t already read it). I knew almost no one. I took a chance on a […]

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My Bathroom Fixer Upper, Before and After

I sometimes watch the show Fixer Upper with Jo and Chip, and it always amazes me at how much they can do in such a short amount of time. Of course they don’t do it alone, they have lots of help. It’s a tv show. The houses are so affordable, and they end up looking […]

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Repurposing My Little Heart Bookcase

I’ve had this unpainted bookcase for years. The carved hearts in the sides give it a unique look. Recently it was used in my kitchen as a place to put the phone and store cookbooks. When I had my bathroom walls re-done I couldn’t afford to buy a new vanity. The bathroom is so small, […]

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