The Furry Family Members

christmas cards from the pets

Holiday Greetings From the Dogs!

People who are camera shy, but love to show off their sweet furry family members, could use a double-picture pet photo card greeting this holiday season. Put one photo on top and one on the bottom and you have a cute “Merry Christmas from the pets” card.

Here in the northeastern US people love their pets. And they especially love their dogs. It’s not unusual to see dogs riding in the passenger seat, right next to their owners as they travel. Often dogs will accompany their master to work as well, and if they are not that fortunate, they may attend doggie daycare. It’s like child care but with dogs. Depending on the facility, the dogs will have the chance to play, rest and even swim in indoor pools. Yes, dogs here in the northeast are usually quite spoiled.

I don’t have a dog, but I had dogs as pets until recently. Dogs are fun for kids to grow up with, and it really doesn’t seem like a family is complete without one. But I know my limitations and presently I don’t have the extra time, nor the extra money, for raising a dog. In the south we had a fenced in yard and the dogs spent a lot of free time outside running and playing. Up here I can’t imagine getting up at 4am in sub-zero weather to take my dog out to poop! No thank you.

I dog-sat for my daughters black lab puppy for a week while she went away, and it was not fun. He was a maniac. I know that I could not do a puppy again, but who knows, I may have another furry companion in my later years. I never say never!

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