From Our Farm to Yours – A Christmas Greeting

red barn in winter card

From Our Farm to Yours

I was recently notified that I had sold 200 of this particular Christmas card and it brought back memories of how I captured this photo of the red barn.

I probably took quite a few shots, but chose this one as the best and I do like the way the hanging branches and tall, dead grasses frame the view of the barn with piles of hay.

I was living in Hopkinton, renting a house, and although it was a time in my life that I would rather forget, the beautiful surroundings and countryside are one of the things that kept me going.  The winter I spent there (2007-2008) brought a ton of snow.

This barn was visible off through the trees in the back / side yard but to get this shot I had to make my way through the brush and swampy area. The swamp carried water to a little pond that was on the land where I lived, but I had no idea if the swamp had some deep spots too and everything was covered with snow.

My son and I liked to go out and explore our new surroundings and I’m pretty sure he came with me on the day I got this red barn photo, which is now part of someone in Wisconsin’s Christmas card.

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