June Fledge By Baby Red-tails

One down and two to go.  The baby Red-tail hawks at Cornell University in New York are ready to fly.  One slipped off the edge of the ironwork and flew off on Wednesday.

The screenshots below show stretching of wings in the nest, mom and dad (Big Red and Ezra) sitting together on the light post and baby #2 with outstretched wings – he’s not the one that flew.

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The baby red-tail hawks are all grown up – well, sort of. On June 6th at 11:11 AM one of them stretched his / her wings and was off, and it was the first fledge from that nest.  (Video link below) The hawklett ended up on the ground of the Cornell campus and hawk-watchers on the ground took some magnificent photos as it adjusted to it’s new surroundings and ended up in an Oak tree.

Two are left to fledge. Watch the video of #1 and his slip into the vast unknown.  And here is his return to the nest today (24 hours later)Visit Janet’s blog where she has some awesome photos of our baby and it’s first look at the world below the nest.

4 thoughts on “June Fledge By Baby Red-tails

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  2. swisstoons

    That was unusual to see Big Red and Ezra sitting peacably side by side on that light pole for so long. When he shows up at the nest and she’s there, she nags him out of the nest in no time. It really is unusual. I wonder what they were “discussing.” I just left the site. #2 is out on the “diving board”…preening. I wonder if this is his big day.


      1. opienc

        nice. very nice! I’ve also been watching/blogging a pair of Red-tailed hawks here in Raleigh for 2 seasons now. It’s so much fun to watch and a lot to learn. this year, one of the eyasses fell from the nest and it was quite a bit of action around downtown Raleigh.



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