The Jack-In-The-Pulpit Plant I Found

jack in the pulpit flower

Jack in the Pulpit

As I was weeding the side garden that holds my day lilies I noticed this odd plant and knew at once that it was a Jack-in-the-pulpit. It was growing in the tall grass and weeds at the edge of the woods, but in my yard.

I had seen one before when I took a walk at my old place. It was growing next to a stone wall and I wanted a photo of it, but the next time I went walking and took my camera, the plant was gone. I suspect that someone – or maybe an animal – dug it up. I rarely see them, but I don’t know how rare they really are. So I was disappointed, but now I have found another and it’s close by!

So here are my photos of the Jack-in-the-pulpit plant.

jack in the pulpit plant and flower

Wild plant – Jack in the Pulpit

5 thoughts on “The Jack-In-The-Pulpit Plant I Found

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  2. swisstoons

    I’ve heard the name, but had never seen one before seeing your photo. I just now read some interesting things about this plant. 1. It is sometimes confused with poison ivy. 2. If “prepared properly,” it can be eaten. 3. The Meskwaki Indians used to mix it with meat which they would then leave out for their enemies…to POISON them. Interesting plant. Hahaha. What will you do with yours? Got any enemies?


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