Baby Red-Tail Hawks Are Growing Their Feathers

height of hawk cam on nest

Hawk babies growing up high above the street.

Here is a view from the live camera pointed at a Red-tail hawks nest high above Cornell University which shows the height of the nest.

View this video that was taken of the people who set up this camera!

The camera operators occasionally zoom out and in to give the viewers a look at the surroundings.

Those three hawk babies are growing like crazy and change significantly each day. Now they are no longer little white fuzz balls, but are turning grayer with the feathers coming in.

Yesterday I watched mom, Big Red, try to tuck all three under her to keep them dry and she seemed to be having difficulty making them fit.

The picture I have added below, using the snipping tool while watching the live cam, is from today – Wednesday the 9th of May. If you’ve been following their development you’ve probably learned a lot. I know that I have.

hawk babies and mom in nest

The babies are growing


Three baby red-tail hawks in nest

Big feet and big wings.

2 thoughts on “Baby Red-Tail Hawks Are Growing Their Feathers

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