Updated Photos Of The Hawk Nest at Cornell University

I’ve been checking in off and on at the livecam at Cornell University to watch the progress of the three little hawklets who were born about a week ago, or less.  These are my own screenshots that I took while watching.

The bottom photo was just taken today.

baby hawks

Fuzzy, white baby red-tail hawks April 27th

Hawk's nest view Mama and three baby hawks on May 2nd.

Today, as I tuned in, Big Red – the mom – left the babies alone for a while. In fact at the present time they are still alone. One, I guess the oldest, is by him/herself and at the edge of the nest apparently looking for trouble!
They were all born around a day apart from what I understand and in this short amount of time they have done a bit of changing.
It’s a bird’s world and they are surrounded by half eaten birds and rodents.  Now the mom is back and feeding them.  It’s amazing to me that tiny little birds can eat chunks of that raw meat!

Baby hawks lined up to be fed

Three baby hawks lined up and being fed by mom.

Then mom settles herself down over the chicks to keep them warm while their chipmunk dinner digests. There is still plenty of the chippy left for an afternoon snack later on and it’s laying right in front of mom. Yum.
See one of the babies hanging out a bit?

Mom on babies in nest

Big Red (mom) covers babies after feeding them.

Go Watch.

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