Watch at Cornell University – Live Red-tailed Hawk Nest With Three Chicks!

red-tail hawk mom and chicks

Red-tailed hawk mom feeding her three babies.

I just took this screen shot as I was watching this mother red-tail hawk feed her three baby chicks – hawklets. Cornell University in New York has attached a camera 80 feet off the ground to view a couple of hawks – Big Red and Ezra (mom and dad respectively) as they tend to their nest.

I used to do Project Feeder Watch that is sponsored by Cornell University and invites the public to count backyard birds for science. I no longer do that, but I still get updates from the place and received an e-mail about a hawks nest on the campus that is has live feed.

I never should have looked! I am hooked now and am telling everyone I know to view the live cam. I thought it would be boring – a bird on a nest – but it is enthralling.

The picture above is a screenshot I took as the mom (Big Red) was feeding her three baby chicks. They are white and fuzzy and a bit clumsy, but feisty and eating bits of raw meat that the dad brought to the nest. The view is great, and everyone gets excited when the mom moves and we get to see the babies, who are usually covered beneath the protective mom’s body.

Read all the info and happenings by scrolling down the page (link below) and view and participate (if you want) in the live chat about this hawk family.

Check out the live camera feed here.

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9 thoughts on “Watch at Cornell University – Live Red-tailed Hawk Nest With Three Chicks!

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  8. Jane

    I have been watching the family action since Sunday. The only noise coming from my computer speakers these days are peeps and wind. 🙂


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