Pinterest Can Grab You And Swallow You Up

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Recently a few very good articles have been written at Wizzley about the Pinterest site and one of them explains very well, “How to Get Pinned at Pinterest“.   The Author, Jimmie, explains some uses for photos and how to make sure they will link to a good place if you “pin” them on one of your Pinterest boards.

For instance, one of the reasons I decided to try Pinterest is to promote myself, or rather, what I sell.  I have several Zazzle shops and adding a few (not many) items to the “boards” I have created at the Pinterest site, may bring interested customers to my products.  For people who write online and make money due to high reader traffic, linking to their blogs through pictures on their posts makes sense to interest a new group of people who will hopefully click through to the blog post.  In fact, it’s just a good way to possibly drum up traffic to anything.

It’s simple to use and there is really very little interaction between “pinners” except for liking and re-pinning.  The only bad thing is that it’s easy to get caught up looking at all that is there, and before you know it, the day is gone!

I’m a big timer using person.  I set timers to remind me of everything and setting a Pinterest timer is a good idea – for me anyway!

Set your timer and go check out my boards.  Some of the photos are mine, but most have been pinned from the site.  If I never see you again, I’ll know why!

2 thoughts on “Pinterest Can Grab You And Swallow You Up

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