If You Like Pictures…Pinterest

green caterpillar on tomato plant


I’ve been looking for pictures to give me ideas for wall paint and decorating ideas for my home office, but haven’t found many, until today. I’ve visited quite a few sites that have a little “pin it” button showing and visited the Pinterest site to check it out. You can’t just join, you have to be invited, and I don’t really know what criteria they are looking for, but I was invited to join.

It’s basically a site full of pictures. Pictures of all kinds of things, from home decor to cute kittens. I can find pictures I like from around the site that others have “pinned” and then re-pin them to my boards in their categories. I haven’t figured out the part about pinning from the internet, but being careful not to use photos that don’t give permission would be a concern.

As with all things on the internet, there will be those people who want to use something that is not theirs and take the credit for it.  All pictures must link back to the original site which has me wondering if my re-pinned pictures are linking to the original.

I work online and don’t want my images “stolen” and not linked to me, so having the same courtesy for others applies of course.   I recently read a page at Wizzley that got me thinking a bit more about how I’m using Pinterest and how it could hurt the people who posted the photo originally.

On the other hand, there is lots to see and I plan to create a “board” containing some of my own photos and art.  Are you there?  It seems that everyone is, and it’s so simple and pretty, it’s hard to ignore.

5 thoughts on “If You Like Pictures…Pinterest

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  2. yvonne

    I really enjoyed your post.
    I live on the coast of Maine. It has had some wicked cold days.
    Can you tell me about tumblr and pinterest.

    Do you have to pay for the photo’s?..



    1. Dustytoes

      I’m going to do another post about how I use Pinterest, but no, you don’t have to pay for the pictures. You can add your own photos or “pin” them from blogs, sites, etc., but be careful because not everyone wants their photos used. At the Pinterest site, you can re-pin from photos you find there, and add them to your “boards”.


  3. reporterturnedmommy

    Thank you for linking my blog about pinterest to your blog! I’m still not sure if I’m into it. I don’t know how to pin images from the internet yet and repinning just seems pointless. I’m still open-minded, though, and willing to look into it a little more.


    1. Dustytoes

      So far what I like is the ideas I get from the photos. I am working on setting up a home office and have found some nice ideas at Pinterest. Also, there are recipes, home decorating ideas, etc. It’s a bit like a huge magazine site with links to everything you might be interested in. At least, that is how I am seeing it.


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