Little Red Squirrel Christmas Greeting Card

Cute red squirrel christmas card

A Squirrel Christmas Greeting!

This little red squirrel was chowing down on the birdseed in a hanging feeder next to the house when I captured this shot. I took a series of photos while he happily stuffed his little face but thought this one was cute to add to a Christmas card. I especially love the snow flakes on his tail and how he’s holding his (her?) little paws.

Red squirrels are not as plentiful as the gray ones in my area – and thankfully too. Squirrels are cute but also destructive pests. They can become so used to eating the bird seed that when there is none available they will climb the side of the house and doors looking for it. I had a red squirrel chew the end off my new shovel once and I think it was because he was mad at not finding enough food to eat.

At the rental house, where I lived last year, there were lots of both type of squirrels and the cats were not interested in the gray ones – too big to tangle with I suppose, but Richie would chase the red ones and I never thought he’d ever get one because they are so fast, but one day he did. Richie was my little killer and hunting was what he lived to do. I don’t know how he got that squirrel but he was very proud of his catch.

We no longer have Richie. He was killed by a Fisher cat shortly after we moved here. I miss him very much, but one thing I won’t miss is all the death he would leave all over the yard.

On that happy note, you can purchase my little Squirrel card by clicking here.

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