Chalkboard Walls Make It Easy To Be Creative


A Wall of Fun

I was getting ready to post about my ongoing  house renovations and saw that Sharon Lovejoy had left me a message.  The woman is incredibly busy – and I consider it a great honor that she visits my puny blog.  So I popped over to see what her latest post had to say (she always has fabulous and interesting pictures there) and she had written about visiting some friends who have a big chalkboard wall!

Imagine visiting and leaving a little scribble of some kind to add to their decor – what fun!  I like the idea of being able to change the look of the wall any time or just going over and drawing something during the day as the urge strikes.  It reminded me of the chalkboard my Nanna had in her kitchen and when I was a kid, I’d always leave some little drawing on it before I left her house.  She really loved to see what we’d do with the chalk and a blank, black board.  In fact she took pictures of some of them.

It seems that I could buy chalkboard paint and apply it to just about anything and have my own area of the house to doodle on.  In the Martha Stewart post (link above) you’ll find ways to create various shades of gray and even make a huge calendar of squares to have on the office wall.  I may have to get a wall ready for my grandchildren to play on!  Sounds like a plan.

2 thoughts on “Chalkboard Walls Make It Easy To Be Creative

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