No Time to Write

Tulip, 2005 Floriade, Canberra

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It will be 80 degrees today in New Hampshire!  Hard to believe since I have the heat on this AM and it’s only around 40 outside (and not much warmer inside!)  So I will have to get outside and there is no time to write (blog).

At this point in the season, this could be the last really good day until next Spring (you never know) and I plan to get my newest tulip bulbs planted and then stack some firewood.  I must get this all done before the Patriots play later on since I plan to be drinking a beer or two and watching the game.

Yesterday my little deck was completed!!!!  It’s so cute.  It was quite expensive for the size, but there is absolutely no upkeep.

I can’t get into that right now, because I have no time to write lengthy paragraphs, but I wanted to share a fun, food blog with you.

Eat, Live, Run is a picture food blog with easy and humorous to read comments.  A link was sent to me by my sister who got a recipe from the blog for Cheesy Zucchini Pizza.  Even if I never make the pizza, I sure enjoyed reading the bloggers step by step directions (which include pouring yourself a glass of wine first – My kind of chef!)

She has lots of other yummy looking recipes so if you want to drool a little today – go see it.  I will be linking to it on my sidebar.

Have a great day – and go Pats!

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