More Changes, This Time at Work

tree branches and sunriseChange is just a part of life, but when it comes to the internet and working online, I dislike anything to change. That is because I am slow to pick up on changes in technological stuff and my mind balks at the thought. Those of us who work at Zazzle have been informed that there will be a consolidation of our stores and we will be signing in using e-mail. I know this will mean adjusting to new things, and although it doesn’t sound so bad – actually it will be a good thing and SHOULD make life easier for us – I always have my doubts.
At one point, for some reason, my SS# had disappeared from one of my stores’ account section and by the time I had re-added it, my payment info had been disrupted enough that I had to wait an extra month to be paid from that store. Since we get paid once a month at Zazzle, that is a long wait.

I’ve long believed that the most successful people (shops) at the Zazzle site are run by more than one person.  It’s a lot to do all by yourself.  I have heard many people talk about their partnerships with a spouse or kids or whoever, and many times there is someone else involved.  For instance, I have had to learn it all as an older person who never took graphic design classes or even has a college degree.  It has taken me years to figure out what some people have in the spouse sitting next to them, or the son who does graphic design.  And I’ve done it because I simply had to, to be able to improve and sell more.  It’s my living and I have no choice.  So I’ll learn to deal with all the new changes that take place and it will all work out.  I won’t have to worry about having a stagnant mind in my old age.  There will always be new things go learn when it comes to working online.

4 thoughts on “More Changes, This Time at Work

  1. E. Baron

    Sounds like you really do have choices and so far you’ve made really good ones. You’ve also shown yourself that you can adapt and learn new things. Good luck with the new changes in your work. I wish you an easy transition and all the success you can imagine!


  2. Swisstoons

    If we’re lucky, maybe Z will be able to effect the change without our having to do much. I entered my email address in the slot they provided this morning as per their instructions. Are we done yet, ya think? 🙂

    Did you make a poster out of that winter scene seen through the branches of a tree which you’ve posted at the top of this page? Great photo! Very framable.


    1. seashellsbymillhill

      Hi Tom,

      I’m waiting for the 30 day window before I begin to do anything more than what I’ve done. Lots of people will have questions and I’ll get my answers then I suppose. No poster of that picture. I don’t sell many posters. Maybe one day I’ll have a store full of New England posters but I am not a professional photographer.

      Thanks for reading!


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