Take A Break And Free Your Mind

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I’ve never been the gym membership type of person. In fact my 22 year old daughter just joined a gym and a week later threw her back out and has been recuperating ever since. I wrote a bit about my brilliant idea for getting into shape a few weeks ago, and it may not have turned out to be a “brilliant” idea but I am still doing my stair walking.  I only walk for 3 minutes at a time and only do so about 3 times a day.  Why bother, you might ask?  I look at my tiny attempt to fit more exercise into my life as a supplement to what I normally do each day and I look an any amount of activity as being helpful – even if it only amounts to 9 minutes extra total.

It’s not the only exercise I get.  I have a cord of wood to move, which I’ll be finishing up today,  and I regularly go for walks in my area.  When the snow falls I’ll have shoveling to do and more lugging of wood – does that ever end?   Soon I’ll be raking leaves and there’s always the fun and most enjoyable – housework.

I’ve discovered that taking a break and doing something mindless like walk up and down the basement stairs helps me focus on things that never come to mind while I’m sitting at the computer typing or drawing.  I get the same “help” when I take a shower or wake up in the middle of the night.  Getting away from trying to focus actually helps me focus better on things that I realize are more important.  When the timer goes off and my step trekking is done, I usually know exactly what I need to work on once I’m back online.

It’s always a good idea to take a break from sitting and if you work at home, sitting at a computer for most of the day, taking a break is necessary, so why not make it work for you.

One thought on “Take A Break And Free Your Mind

  1. Swisstoons

    There’s something about working the quadriceps…that large muscle at the front of the thigh that extends the leg…that is particularly satisfying. Chinese Tai Chi and Chi Kung masters say that the repository in the body for the bioenergy known as “chi” is located about an inch and a half below the navel at the “Dan Tien” point. When I exercise the quads (bicycle riding as always been a favorite of my, but stairclimbing is excellent, too) I can feel the energy concentrating there. Even though the practice involves exertion, there’s a feeling calmness and strength at that point. Not sure how that “calmness” in the midst of exertion clears the mind…but it sure seems to.


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