Make Your Own Suet For Winter Bird Feeding

A hummingbird feeder with red nectar.

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home made suet

My Home Made Suet

I don’t buy bacon very often, but one of the reasons I do (besides the fact that I love it) is to use the bacon grease for my home made suet.

I have taken down the hummingbird feeder. I don’t feel too bad, because I have bunches of flowers still blooming all over the yard for them to eat from. Taking in that feeder is a sign that Fall is approaching and it’s time to make some suet.

I make it all during the winter in batches large enough to give me 4 suet cakes. I use what I need in the feeder and freeze the rest for later use. I won’t be feeding suet until November or December when the weather is nice and cold and things are dying, – unless we get a freak snowstorm before that!

Also, once I begin putting it out, I always feel bad if the feeder is empty and the woodpeckers come around looking for it. They love it most and I hate to disappoint them.

Want to try making your own suet that the birds will totally love? I have a picture and recipe lens at Squidoo that goes into all the details.

I also wrote a page about my favorite feeder, the Heritage Bird Feeder.

10 thoughts on “Make Your Own Suet For Winter Bird Feeding

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