When Sales Slow, Creative Juices Flow

family of geese

Pay Day!

August was a lousy month for sales. Summertime usually tends to be slower than normal at my Zazzle online stores, but this past month sales decreased quite a bit. Just as I attained “Silver Pro”, and my paychecks were almost large enough to pay my winter oil bill (ha!), then the bottom fell out.

According to the forum, many others have had a similar decrease although some actually saw an increase. Zazzle has been doing technical things – of which I know nothing about – and possibly that has affected the traffic and slowed it considerably.

Whatever the problem, I am optimistic that sales will be picking up soon. Vacations are over and September is the time to settle down into a more normal schedule at home and with a little more free and focused time for parents with the kids back to school, I am sure that computer shopping will once again pick up.

One good thing about lack of sales is time to organize and create. Big spring and early summer sales in my wedding stores meant lots of customer service which was great, but kept me from doing those things, so having the free time gets my creative juices flowing. Zazzle has introduced some cool new items to design, like envelopes and labels, so that has been fun.

I also tried my hand at creating a new banner for my main store.

I’ve learned so much in the past 3 years with much more to learn. It’s a slow process, but each day I jump in and see what happens.

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