Long, Long Summer Days

I have been dreading summer. I am the single parent of a 12-year old who needs activity – lots of activity. I work at home. I live in a small, rental house – about 1,000 square feet. He plays video games and watches tv in the living room which is right beside the kitchen where I have my computer set up at the kitchen table.

I listen to iCarly, Big Time Rush, Fairly Odd Parents and Spongebob all day – well, only when I’m not listening to him yell at his video games. He is a loud child who likes to scare the cat, make random strange noises, and thrives on noise.

Don’t get me wrong, he does go outside. We live near a lake and he goes swimming with a couple of friends who live up the road. But those friends have a big family and take trips all summer. We live on a dirt road and bike riding is tough and I don’t want him riding alone.

I don’t have relatives or friends close by to go visit, and I need to get my work done anyway. We don’t have our own home and since it’s a duplex, I am always worried about him making lots of noise outside with his friends, so inviting friends here is not helpful.
Every day we struggle with what to do. I get up early and begin working around 4:30am and he sleeps until 9am or so, but after lunch the day really drags.

I never planned for my kids to not have siblings, but the plans I’ve made have never come close to coming to be. At my age all my friends have grown children, money for vacations and traveling, and look forward to summer. My older son will be visiting for a couple of weeks and that will give us something to do. I’ll be cooking and the kids will be hanging out, but if my son is occupied it will be a big help.

Meanwhile, I will be getting very little done work-wise and my blogging takes twice as long since I can’t think straight! Is it really only the beginning of July?

3 thoughts on “Long, Long Summer Days

  1. Nourishing Words

    I also raised a son as a single parent: 11 years in an apartment, before owning a single family home. Somehow, we always either had other kids in the house, with us, or I was toting him along on all-adult excursions. I hope you can find ways to do the things you love and bring him along. He’ll probably love it, even if it’s not all kids’ activities. Summer is about fun and relaxation, so make sure you get your share, too! Good luck.


    1. seashellsbymillhill

      I just found you on twitter, visited your blog and came here to link to it (very nicely done) and saw you had left a message! Thanks – we are living in the same neck of the woods. OOps just realized I’m signed in on my other blog…


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