I’m Obsessed With The Beaches

The oil spill (ha – spill???) is on my mind all the time.

Even though I am in New England and far from the gulf coast, I know the beauty of the place and I can’t get my mind off the devastation happening there. It will be far-reaching and disastrous for everyone, yet I don’t feel like most of the country has a good grasp on how bad it is.

It’s hard to imagine the size of it, the depths of the oil – it’s not just floating on top of the water – and if your life revolves around the ocean, as it does for so many in the south, this means the end.

I hate to be full of doom and gloom, but I think I am being realistic. And I am sad.

New Smyrna beach florida

New Smyrna Beach, FL

This is a typical beach scene along the Florida east coast. Early in the morning the venders show up in their various trucks and vans and set up to sell food, rent bikes, umbrellas and boogie boards. Then the beach begins to fill up with cars and everyone does the beach thing.

The kids build sand castles while moms and dads sun bathe (as if you couldn’t get enough sun in that state), while the young people play frisbee and football or do some skimboarding.

Watching people walk by was always a favorite pastime for me. From the leathery older people, who look like they live outdoors, to the young girls in their “almost” bikinis and “not quite there” thongs, and the ones who should NEVER go out in public with a swimsuit of any kind on their bodies – it’s never boring.

Some people fish, but surfing isn’t allowed in areas where lots of people swim, so the surfers have to go up the beach to their area, but we would see them carrying their boards to of from wherever – or maybe just to show off. I think it’s a combination.

My son lives in central Florida and like most Floridians he enjoys hanging out at the beach. What will Florida do when all it’s beaches are black with oil? It seems inevitable.

Already dead wildlife is washing up on shores and I can’t imagine how bad that will get. The sunshine state will be changed forever if all it’s beaches are gone. It is far too hot to spend time at the beach and not be able to cool off in the ocean and probably the smell alone will keep people away.
I follow this blog that is written by a lady who lives on Sanibel Island on the Gulf coast. It is the third best place for shelling in the WORLD, and she doesn’t mention the oil, but I am wondering how long before it reaches her area.

My son keeps saying that he is enjoying the beach while he can.

4 thoughts on “I’m Obsessed With The Beaches

  1. Jim Wills

    I live in New Zealand Swisstoons is right in saying that this will have consequences for the whole planet. The world payed for Alaska so it will & one way or another it will pay for the Gulf. Thats cost was a few cents per litre down here in NZ , a small price for our oil fix.
    What kind of job would your last leader be doing ? Wasn’t it Carnagie who said Do not find Fault find Cure.
    If any one country can fix this its the USA .


    1. seashellsbymillhill

      I do have confidence in the USA, but I don’t know why our government would turn away offered help – to clean up the oil- from other countries, and that’s what I’ve heard is happening. It’s not just our problem so take all the help possible!
      I have confidence in our great country, but unfortunately not in the people running it. I’ve heard that it was the government who made the oil companies drill so far off the coast in the first place. In water too deep to easily control something like this fiasco. I need to research this and blog more about it.
      Thank you Jim for your comment.


  2. Swisstoons

    You’ve painted a vivid picture of what stands to be lost.

    And, of course, what’s happening in the Gulf will not only affect people in the Gulf states; it will affect people all over the country and the world, even if they don’t realize it yet. The effects will ripple through the economies of countries and the lives of people for decades.

    Fox News hosted a dozen people with viable…relatively cheap yet very effective…ways to protect the coastline (at least) and Gulf state governors are striving to do everything they can…in particular LA’s Bobby Jindal. But the best our president can do is issue pointless threats and talk about “kicking A.” What a leader!


    1. seashellsbymillhill

      I like Bobby Jindal and it seems that more could definitely be done. Everyone should be working together on this issue. One day that oil will be affecting places far from us. Our “leaders” are pathetic.


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