I Still Don’t Like It!

A few years ago I started a blog at Google.  I had no idea what I was doing, but managed to figure a few things out.  My biggest mistake was naming my blog “Blue Hibiscus” which had nothing to do with anything.  I named it after one of my (at the time) best selling items at my Narrow Road store.  I didn’t understand about links, naming blogs, etc.  I only understand it a little better now, but I still dislike the google blogs. 

Many people who visit this blog have great google blogspot blogs, but I cringe when I have to leave a message (which I love to do) because many times I am unable to sign in or something (Kary if you are reading this I have tried numerous times to leave you a message without luck!).

One day I got so ticked off at my google blog that I just left it  – with a message for my 3 followers (hahaha) to come to WordPress to continue reading if they wished.

I love WordPress.  For me it is easier, nicer, better looking, more helpful, and offers more than that other place.  I don’t know why I have such trouble with my google blogs when most people seem very happy- and somehow have magnaged to have great looking blogs!

I recently decided to add to my Christian blog over there, instead of starting a new one here, and so I worked on it this morning and now I am in a bad mood.  All I did was add a couple of things and it was so annoying!  I just can’t figure that place out.

But maybe NOW I will be able to visit my favorite google blogs and at least leave a message.
Trust Christian Poster print

This is the poster I added to that blog to kick off my return to Google blogs.

One thought on “I Still Don’t Like It!

  1. Sharon Lovejoy

    HI, so glad I found you. I live on a little island in Maine six months a year. I’ll look for some “mermaid’s tears” for you, but in the meantime I’ll be checking your blog every few days. I’ve added you to my blog roll.

    Found jingles in my grandmother’s 70 year old California shell collection!

    Happy new year,



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