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What do you feel when you drive into your driveway?Sepia New Address, Single postcard With so many people losing their homes these days, having a good place to live seems very important. So often we think we will never be homeless or in need, but the truth is, we can’t see the future and no matter how impossible it seems, we just never know.
Appreciate what you have; especially if you have a nice home. Some place that will be yours always, even if the hard times come. I don’t have backup. The buck stops here. No mommy and daddy to run home to or ask for help – and they are really the only ones to ask.

This photo was taken in 2006 of the last home I owned. I took pride in my home and never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be without a home of my own after being a homeowner for over 25 years. It’s tough to get used to living under someone else’s authority, no matter how kind and compliant they are. I am blessed to have a very nice place to live now, and my landlord is wonderful. We are like family. But my freedom is stifled and the money I pay each month to keep a roof over my head is no longer an investment in my future, but a loss. So I try not to think about such things, and give thanks to God for doing all he has done for me – and it is a lot.
If you know someone facing the loss of their home, don’t be judgemental. See if there is some real way to help them out. Prayers are nice, pity is useless -and offers of a place to stay or helping with the move or watching the kids and/or animals is substantial help.

During my move in 2008 from a rental home to a condo, the condo unit had a destructive flood from the 3rd floor bathroom down through all floors – a week before I was to move in. Fortunately the landlord had another property we could move into or I don’t know where I would have gone. So I had some things in the condo, some in a storage unit and some in the “temporary” rental. It soon became apparent that the condo was not going to be fixed up any time soon and the temporary place was more like a camp than a house. We hated it.

I was at my wits end. During that time, 2 people offered us a place to go – one lives in Florida and one in South Carolina. It would have been really hard to arrange that, but having the offers touched my heart. No one else cared enough to say – “Hey, don’t worry, you can come here if you need to“. I wouldn’t have had to take them up on it, but it would have taken a load- a big load- off me just to have the offer.

It all worked out in the end, but I was in a very dark valley at the time and one night a dear friend brought us a nice supper! It tasted so good and we were most appreciative of the kindness.

Little things can mean a lot so if you feel that you could be of some help, please don’t hesitate.  And if you are about to lose your home or have lost it already, you are definitely not alone.  Hang in there and know that people not in your situation just can’t possibly understand

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