Writing Thank You Notes

Occasionally my kids will attend a birthday party and their friend will actually send a “thank you” note for the gift. It doesn’t happen often and to be honest, I no longer make my son send them. But when a thoughtful card or letter comes through the mail it means so much.

I remember once, as a child, having some partially pre-made note paper such as the one below, where I only had to fill in a tiny bit of information. I remember thinking it was a great idea and when Zazzle recently came out with stationary, my thoughts went to the kids who would be expected to write notes of thanks for their holiday and/or birthday gifts.

With young children in mind, I set about creating a simple “thank you” note with original artwork drawn up on the computer to decorate the paper. The kids won’t have to come up with complete sentences – just a few words and a signature. I’m hoping this will give kids the incentive to enjoy writing and sending their thanks.
Children's Christmas Stationary, Tree stationeryChildren's Christmas Stationary stationery

And for the kids who enjoy writing the entire note themselves, I have some like these.  The “heart” paper can be colored by the child before sending it so the recipient gets two “gifts” in one. These are popular sellers in my store.See all stationary.

Brown Flower Girl's Stationary stationeryChildren's Stationary, Coloring stationery

And for adults who like to keep in touch with the written word, there is seashell and hydrangea stationery available at their respective stores: Seashells by Millhill and BlueHyd.

Starfish Writing Paper Stationary stationeryHydrangea Hedge Writing Paper stationery 

2 thoughts on “Writing Thank You Notes

  1. flandrumhill

    You’re so clever! This sort of thing would also be ideal for new mothers who might have a lot of thank you notes to write for baby gifts.

    People just don’t make the time to write any more, yet are just as thrilled when they receive a handwritten card in the mail as they ever were in the past.


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